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The Village & Child Co-op

the Hopi Native symbol of the Labyrinth or “Man in the Maze”

ChICCCAA Village & Child Co-op provides children, families and caregivers access to community resources that support the needs of health, education, literacy, socio-emotional development and self care for community members from prenatal to elders.

The Village & Child Co-op is represented by the Hopi Native symbol of the Labyrinth or “Man in the Maze” which shows the path from the mother in utero and the unique journey that each child must take to reach their own undetermined future. This cooperative’s color is purple The Village & Child Cooperative is focused on ensuring that every child experiences a safe, secure and nurturing upbringing that ensures their successful transition into adulthood with the support of the entire community. From prenatal to infancy throughout early childhood every child is entitled to appropriate care and development that demonstrates abundant love for the child. In the later school years, through pre-teen angst and into adolescence children need the opportunity to express themselves, build healthy self esteem and exert their independence with appropriate boundaries that are enforced by the whole community as they enter into young adulthood. The Village & Child Cooperative aligns with our values that focus on the core belief that it requires a whole village to raise a child, especially the “whole child” which includes their physical, social, emotional and brain development.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Workshops for parents and caregivers on appropriate child development and parenting practices
 Information and resources for quality child development services
 Referrals to WIC (Women Infants & Children) services
 Support for Foster Parents and Kinship Caregivers
 Education on Brain development and Brain Gym
 Partnerships with First 5 San Bernardino, Kids N Care, SB Valley College Child Development, Lakeshore Learning Materials, SB County Headstart/Preschool Services, Community Action Partnership, SB Children’s Network, NAEYC/AAEYC, and Foster Kinship Care Education program.

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