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Sustainability Co-op

the native symbol for the sun

ChICCCAA Sustainability Co-op provides opportunities for community members to learn and engage through entrepreneurship projects, experiential hands-on programs, advocacy and community actions that align with the ideals and principles of our vision.

The Sustainability Co-op is represented by the native symbol for the sun, which stands for a bright future and flourishing community. This cooperative’s color is Gold. The Sustainability Co-op is focused on creating a sovereign and self reliant community that is empowered to liberate its members for their own self determination. The Sustainability Co-op aligns with our values to develop community based infrastructure that creates and supports local economy with the ability for individuals to exchange goods and/or services with each other without over reliance on outside markets.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Training on entrepreneurship and small business planning
 Hosting a community “Free Market” or swapmeet;
 Referrals to community organizations that provide seed funds for small business;
 Workshops on financial literacy & economics;
 Networking opportunities for self employed & local business;
 Partnerships with 4E’s, IE Womens Business Association, Small Business Orgs, Farmers Market, CSU Latino Business Association, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Colton Chamber of Commerce, Riverside Really Really Free Market (RRFM), and local credit unions.

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