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Support Service

 the African symbol for strength

The Support Service Cooperative is represented by the African symbol for strength. This cooperative’s color is Orange. The Support Service cooperative is focused on building resiliency in our community by providing resources and support for the basic needs of individuals and to address barriers that they face on a daily basis, including hunger, homelessness, un-employment, clothing, rehabilitation and sobriety. The Support Service Cooperative aligns with our values to ensure that each community member is afforded basic human rights and is able to achieve independence and autonomy from cyclic dependency on the system.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Referrals to local clothing closets, food banks & soup kitchens;
 Assistance with applying for temporary institutional aid such as food stamps, HEAP, medi-cal or cash aid;
 Resources and information on sobriety services & counseling;
 Workshops to character strengths and to build employment skills such as resume building, interviewing and letters of reference;
 Referrals to homeless shelters or programs that assist with low income housing.
 Host a “welcome home” event for re-entry community populations, to introduce them to community members.
 Training services for rehabilitated populations, probationary youth and others needing re-entry or re-integration into our community;
 Partnerships with local thrift stores, Hutton Community Center, Catholic Charities, Food Bank of San Bernardino County, SB Valley College Human Services Club, Food Not Bombs, Time for Change, Option House, Cedar House, Inland Behavioral Health Services, All of Us or None, Foster and Kinship Services and Community Action Partnership.

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