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Program Cooperatives

As a cooperative (co-op) our 100% volunteer team, provides services, workshops, events and activities to the community under one of the areas listed below:

• ChICCCAA Village & Child Co-op provides children, families and caregivers access to community resources that support the needs of health, education, literacy, socio-emotional development and self care of community members from prenatal to elders.
• ChICCCAA Culture, Knowledge & Wisdom Co-op provides culturally diverse workshops and events that bring more depth and understanding of all peoples struggles with a focus on the inherit wisdom that comes from their ancestry.
• ChICCCAA Mother Earth Co-op provides activities, workshops and resources to support community gardens, outdoor education, conservation and environmental justice projects along with educational materials on the benefits of these activities with a goal of instilling lifelong healthy habits in balance with nature.
• ChICCCAA Sustainability Co-op provides opportunities for community members to learn and engage through entrepreneurship projects, experiential hands-on programs, advocacy and community actions that align with the ideals and principles of our vision.

All of these program components are focused on creating a prosperous and balanced environment as an alternative to the existing infrastructure that exists in society in order to uplift marginalized people and our communities as a whole.

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