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the lotus blossom which represents the most beautiful things in life

PUSH (Protect, Understand, Strength, and Heal)

The PUSH Cooperative is represented by the symbol of the lotus blossom which represents the most beautiful things in life come from adversity and struggle. The lotus flower legend is said that the more mud the flower is come from the more beautiful the bloom. This cooperative’s color is pink. The ChICCCAA core team chose this symbol to demonstrate our commitment to surround this community, especially the most vulnerable members, with our protection from the often predatory, negative and destructive forces of society. This pledge is aligned with our values to protect community members from the beginning of their lives as infants throughout their journey as needed, to their elderly years and finally through illness, tragedy or during the final moments of life.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Child Abuse prevention information and resources
 Peer counseling and mentoring for those suffering from history of abuse (child abuse, sexual abuse, or domestic violence)
 Empowerment workshops and self esteem instruction
 Anti-bullying and Anti-brutality workshops or campaigns
 Self defense training
 Elderly care information and resources
 Shelter resources for victims of domestic violence
 Partnerships with BBNO, The Lisa Project, SBVC Human Services Club, Child Help, Center for Missing & Exploited Children, SB County Adult & Aged Services Dept, Child Protective Services, CASA Advocates, Mathew Shepard Foundation, It Gets Better, and House of Ruth.

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