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Knowledge, Wisdom & Culture

the native symbol for wisdom

ChICCCAA Knowledge, Wisdom & Culture Co-op provides culturally diverse workshops and events that bring more depth and understanding of all peoples struggles with a focus on the inherit wisdom that comes from their ancestry.The Knowledge, Wisdom & Culture Co-op is represented by the native symbol for wisdom. This cooperatives colors are blue and brown.

The KWC Cooperative is focused on the passing on of indigenous practices in the arts and cultural history of native peoples including, art, music, dance, folklore, literature, poetry, costume, and other forms of creative expression. The KWC Cooperative has a specific focus on improving institutional educational outcomes for our community including both the high school drop out rates and college going, retention and graduation rates; however, this cooperative does not just focus on academia. The KWC Cooperative also keeps a strong focus on building critical thinking skills and reconnecting us to the wisdom of our ancestors. Inclusion of inter generational hands-on and skills based instruction by elders or experienced members of the community is an essential part of this component. The KWC Cooperative aligns with our values to reconnect our community to its indigenous morals, ideals, and history through cultural programming and by encouraging community members to become life-long learners, avid readers, critical thinkers, sharers of knowledge, while also eliminating barriers to educational opportunities thus ensuring inclusion of all learners beyond the limits of our formal educational system.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Pow wow ceremonies
 Poetry readings
 Art shows
 Concerts (featuring performers with native, latin, or african roots)
 Book signings
 Workshops on native folklore & history
 Outreach to local high schools and middle schools;
 Assistance with college preparation and campus tours;
 Workshops on financial aid and scholarship resources;
 ESL and Literacy instruction;
 Resources and information on community educational programs
(For non-resident students, special needs, home schooled, foster care, ESL or first generation graduates or college students)
 Tutoring for high school and college students;
 Internship opportunities with community partners;
 Workshops on trades and skill-based development;
 Specialized Library collections & gallery collections;

The KWC Cooperative is seeking both formal and informal partnerships with the following agencies, organizations and institutions. If you are a member of these groups please contact us at to start a dialogue about how we can further support your work:
San Bernardino Valley College, M.E.Ch.A de SBVC, Student CTA, CSUSB Future Leaders, LEAD, THINK Together, Colton Community Center, Colton Library, The Grove School, Boys & Girls Club, Native American Community Council and local tribal organizations, including Pechanga, San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Morongo, and the Native American Resource Center.

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