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The Mother Earth Co-op

the native symbol of the turtle which represents the indigenous creation story

ChICCCAA Mother Earth Co-op provides activities, workshops and resources to support community gardens, outdoor education, conservation and environmental justice projects along with educational materials on the benefits of these activities with a goal of instilling lifelong healthy habits in balance with nature.

The Mother Earth Co-op is represented by the native symbol of the turtle which represents the indigenous creation story of Mother Earth and how she bears the load of all the peoples of the world who were brought forth on her back. This cooperative’s color is Green. The The Mother Earth Co-op is focused on developing a culture of eco-friendly and responsible living, eating, healing, energy use, transportation and survival skills that utilize the natural environment while educating community members on how to have a minimal impact on our natural resources. The Mother Earth Co-op aligns with our values to encourage, promote and adopt health conscious practices that ensure our world is sustainable for future generations to partake from.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Planning and implementation of a community garden;
 Workshops on organic food preparation;
 Resources and information on herbs and plants as natural alternatives to medication;
 Field trips and tours to local mountains, lakes, rivers and desert parks;
 Workshops on the causes and effects of ecocide;
 Resources and information about renewable energy sources;
 Projects connect community home owners with green and sustainable resources;
 Partnerships with Sierra Club, Outward Bound, SBVC Sustainability Committee, EcoAcre, RCC Sustainability Collective, UCR Community Garden, Arlanza Community Garden, Child Leadership Project and Grid Alternatives.

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