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Advocacy & Actions

the eagle feather which means courage or bravery

All four of our co-ops engage in advocacy and actions within the community. This is a critical component of our work, as we believe charity, education and services are not enough. The community must engage in change to create the balance and justice we need.

Our Advocacy & Action projects are represented by two native symbols the eagle feather which means courage or bravery along with the morning star which is the first star in the evening sky and stands for a new beginning or change is coming. Together these symbolize the connection between advocacy and action, which aligns with our values that these two pieces are always connected and we can not engage in one without the other to create change. The color for advocacy is red. These activities are focused on creating dialogue, sharing information and ultimately planning community actions that encourage and propel change within our larger community, local institutions, and governing systems. All advocacy is based on our values of non-violence, (unless for defense of community) and inclusion by implementing creative and participatory actions designed to ensure the voices of the marginalized peoples within our community are heard on issues impacting any one of our co-ops. Support for shared governance and consensus building is a vital aspect of this work and under no circumstances are the ChICCCAA advocacy projects to be focused on partisan politics or the endorsement of specific political candidates. Individual community members, however; may use the skills they gain from ChICCCAA projects to support individual candidates or issues on their own time. That is the intent of these projects, to build the skills in activists, leaders and organizers so that can achieve some changes within the system that oppresses and marginalizes many of us.

Services and activities for this cooperative may include:
 Reform of systems, policies, laws or structures that significantly impact the work of cooperatives including the areas of education, health, social services, finance, environment, transportation, agriculture, labor and civil/human rights….
 Voter education and registration
 Information & resources on other non-partisan organizations that educate or advocate for marginalized groups
 Calendar of Advocacy events, conferences and meetings
 Instruction on parliamentary procedure, Roberts Rules of Order and participating under public comment at open meetings under the Brown Act;
 Community Forums on ballot initiatives or legislation (both for and against)
 Petition drives and letter campaigns around issues that impact our community or the work of the cooperatives;
 Participation in rallies, marches or other events that demonstrate public community support for issues consistent with our values;
 Partnerships with LULAC, SB Valley College, MEChA, Women’s League of Voters, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP), ICUC, Sierra Club, 4E’s, Warehouse Workers Resource Center, LEEC, IE Immigrant Youth Coalition, IE Coalition for Immigrant Justice, the 28ers and the Progressive Alliance.

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