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About Us

Chicano Indigenous Community for Culturally Conscious Advocacy and Action or CHICCCAA is a grassroots cooperative committed to educating and implementing Chicano Indigenous philosophies and ideologies into the modern society that surrounds our community here in the Inland Empire.

The vision for ChICCCAA is to transform our urban population once again, into a community that flourishes through the healing of trauma from oppression or abuse, improving inter-generational connections with communication and greater wisdom, inspiring community members through education, shared knowledge and activism, assisting with building both economic and environmental sustainability and encouraging a balance between all living beings and nature. The goal is to build a network of self-sustainable and economically independent community members that respect all cultures, protect all peoples and engage in advocacy with the intent of solidifying the values gained from our programs and services.

As a cooperative (co-op) our 100% volunteer team, provides services, workshops, events and activities to the community under one of the areas listed below:

• ChICCCAA Village & Child Co-op provides children, families and caregivers access to community resources that support the needs of health, education, literacy, socio-emotional development and self care of community members from prenatal to elders.
• ChICCCAA Culture, Knowledge & Wisdom Co-op provides culturally diverse workshops and events that bring more depth and understanding of all peoples struggles with a focus on the inherit wisdom that comes from their ancestry.
• ChICCCAA Mother Earth Co-op provides activities, workshops and resources to support community gardens, outdoor education, conservation and environmental justice projects along with educational materials on the benefits of these activities with a goal of instilling lifelong healthy habits in balance with nature.
• ChICCCAA Sustainability Co-op provides opportunities for community members to learn and engage through entrepreneurship projects, experiential hands-on programs, advocacy and community actions that align with the ideals and principles of our vision.

All of these program components are focused on creating a prosperous and balanced environment as an alternative to the existing infrastructure that exists in society in order to uplift marginalized people and our communities as a whole.

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